Laila Pullinen

Professori Laila Pullinen

Laila Pullinen (1933-2015) was a classical modernist and a founding member of Sixties art group The Martians (“Maaliskuulaiset”). Her work stems from the processes and materials of classical sculpture, using mainly bronze and different kinds of stones, for example marble and lesser known Finnish granites. An informalistic desire for form and the need to make the invisible visible is at the heart of her sculpture. Fragments of the Antique and Classicals sculpture can be seen in the rougher draped parts of her bronzes, with the polished parts rising passionately above them like a spirit or immaterial strength.

She also has her own sculpture park in Vantaa; the former Manor of Nissbacka has been transformed into an installation that incorporates work from throughout her career, including a prototype (“Ancient Sea”, 1984) of her monumental earth-relief series, with the historic setting of the manor’s granary (built in 1912) and the remaining grounds of the manor.

The collection is open to the public every summer.

Sisyphus (200, granite, 395 cm) & Laila
Sisyphus (2000, granite, 395 cm) & Laila

Link to Finnish Sculptors Association page:

Images of works from 70’s to 90’s:


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